Charlie’s Angles

Ref: DEM00078

Commissioned by D.E. Michaels, Marcel Labrie (Labrie was here..!) has created in cooperation with Romano Péjé a great contemporary artwork. Named, Charlie’s Angles.

A beautiful gain for in different settings.

Imagine the picture….. at the entrance of a Club, in a large main hall of a country house or at a (lingery) shop.

Color your life, color your style!

Labrie was here..! is the label of the Rotterdam based artist Marcel Labrie. Under this name – which is a nod to his young days when he was still doing graffiti – he makes paintings, murals (graffiti), drawings and photographs. Finding inspiration everywhere, his work cannot easily be categorised.

Material: Resin and Polyester

Condition: Excellent new condition

The Netherlands, 2018

Height: 170 CM

Height: 66.9 INCHES

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