In order for me to describe how my love for art developed, is to go back 35 years in time. When I was a little boy, it was my grandmother who pointed out the value of art and its history to me. As I scrolled through artbooks the images of the masterworks of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Rafael and Donatello captivated me as a young boy – even years before the Ninja Turtles made their breakthrough. 

My grandmother also taught me to paint at young age. However, the most important lesson that my grandmother’s instilled in me was to view items with an open mind and appreciate them at face value. Old techniques of mostly Dutch masters were a part of her lessons. She had an extremely imaginary way of reading aloud, her faith and her opportunistic view of life and its earthly beauty, have formed me today in the person who I am. 

When acquiring works of art, I am guided by deep-rooted emotions. Whether it is an artwork by an old Dutch (student) master or a contemporary young artist: it must touch my inner soul. 

Micha Helmink 
Dutch Salvage hunter